Not Anyone Can Do SEO Consulting

There are several companies and business owners who are starting to do SEO themselves without asking an expert. This is understandable given how much a good search engine optimization consultation can be. Unfortunately, 95% of the attempts fail and more, they get punished or even banned.

Reasons for not succeeding into optimization:

1. Confusing information: information in this area, the strategies, the practices that should be done, etc are not clearly described. Accurate data is rarely available.

2. Lack of experience in SEO – if you don’t have the experience, you will definitely not make better decisions than an SEO consultant.

3. Few resources – optimizing a website may not be your everyday job, so the materials you collected may not be enough for you to create an effective SEO campaign, while an SEO consultant was trained in this field.

4. Lack of guidance – you should hire an SEO consultant for guidance and for helping you setup an SEO plan

5. Difficult to repair – after damage has been done, meaning your website was banned or penalized or/and you cannot find it in the SERPs, it is difficult to fix it and search engine consultants will ask you a lot of money to repair it, more than if they were to optimize your website.


When search engine optimization costs too much for you, you could always hire an SEO consultant. You should afford them, as they can offer you reports with strategies your website needs, guidance on how to implement them and you receive answers to your questions. The good SEO consultants will also tell you what you need to ask an SEO company so that you will not to be fooled into paying too much.

If you do afford the money, you can train your employees into basic SEO, so that every decision they make is in concordance with the Google rules.

If in the end you still consider you should optimize your website on your own, just go ahead and find out. We wish you good luck.

Social Media Consultants: The Frequently Asked Questions

Social media consultants are used to being asked with so many questions especially by business owners who just want to taste the sweet success of doing business online. With the help of these people, they were able to rise above the rest and succeed in doing marketing online just like they planned. Ever since people heard from other business owners how good their business has become after getting into internet marketing and all of a sudden, everybody wanted to work with social network consultants.

And just when people thought that internet marketing was good, they discovered something even better about it. Social network consultants showed them how the whole system of internet marketing works and it got them interested in the possibilities of it coming true for their business.

The whole relationship between business owners and social network consultants started with the basic question of what these so called experts were for. They begin by working on overhauling the profiles that you already have created. Then, they give you a mind full of suggestions about what particular social networking sites you should be into. Perhaps, these are the sites that your prospect clients can be found and these are the sites that social media consultants think you should be found yourself and that is exactly what these experts will help you do.

In addition to that, you should work on how you could make your profile in such a way that when people check it, they will not see you but rather they would focus on the product that you are selling. Social media consultants also know that when people check out the page, they want to get as much information as they can. Consumers stick to those sites who can give them more than what they have hoped for.

In addition to that, most social media consultants are also asked if internet marketing takes more effort than marketing normally would. Well, in this very busy world, business owners would not want to spend so much time on marketing their products using the internet because they want to pull other forms of marketing too.

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How to Find a Good Social Media Consultant

Social media is a powerful and fast-growing tool that has taken small businesses from zero to hero overnight. It’s really not to be underestimated but the fact is no one really knows how this new marketing tool works yet there must be thousands and thousands of people claiming that they are ‘social media experts’ – a term that simply doesn’t exist. A good consultant needs to bring everything together – they need to understand the branding, web design, target market and most importantly your objectives. So what questions should you ask to find out if a consultant is any good or not?

1. What benefits do you see for my business taking an online presence?
Whilst all businesses should have a website – not all businesses need to be Tweeting on Twitter or getting fans on Facebook. Admittedly, there is usually at least one platform that every business should be active on. Does the consultant feel that by being online you can improve your customer relations? Can you expand into new markets? Or are they just suggesting Social Media because it’s the ‘done thing’ and they don’t really know why.

2. How would you integrate my existing website with social media?
This is a key area to talk about. Having an online presence is great and everything, but if the consultant can’t or doesn’t understand how to integrate this presence into your website then steer clear. Almost all successful campaigns require an easy flow of traffic from the website to the social media platforms and vice versa. Any social media offers or promotions should be easy to see straight from the website and converting every conversion (yes it makes sense!) into a Facebook fan or a Twitter follower is incredibly important for future sales.

If you want to know if the consultant ticked the right boxes, then just drop me a message on LinkedIn or simply find out more about our internet marketing consultancy packages.

Get the Best Search Engine Optimization Specialists and SEO Consultant for Your Business Websites

Starting a website for your company or business is not sufficient when you are looking for the great profits from the customers that are present online. You need to rank your site better in the search engines so that more and more people can find you and your business online. With the effective SEO consultant and their strategies you can easily get the boost in your organic traffic which can increase your lead generation and can help you to get great profits.

Search Engine Optimization Specialists is of utmost importance for you, if you are looking to succeed in an online business from your websites or blogs. You need to get the help and consultation from the experienced and professional SEO Consultant after starting your website so that you can rank it higher in search engines and get better profits.

Search Engine Optimization Specialists can help you to stand firm in the neck cutting competition where each and every business is trying to rank their site higher in the search engines. The top SEO Consultant can help you brilliantly in getting optimized your WebPages and thus help your site rank higher in the searches. There are many of the techniques and strategies involved in the SEO which you may not even heard of. It is therefore important that you choose the right Search Engine Optimization Specialists that are just ideal for your business model and can help you to get fast success online.

Professional SEO experts and SEO consultants

SEO Consultant can guide you all the ways of getting backlinks and the theories behind it. Backlinks, page-ranking, marketing, etc. are some of the things that your SEO consultant can help you to understand. They help you to visualize all the things clearly so that you can see your business growth in no time. They also provide you with all the ethical strategies that they will use to get optimal ranking of your website in the major searches.

Professional SEO experts are therefore essential for your business websites so that they can handle all the things easily and affordable which may sound tough to you. There were times when any one can easily fool search engines. You can just get the top rankings with some of the efforts at those times. But today it has all changed and fooling is really impossible.

And if you try these out they can even ban your website for ever. It is therefore important that you look for the most reliable and experienced Search Engine Optimization Specialists and SEO Consultant that can help you out at every step without getting into any problems.